Antarctic Cruise – Day 6

Sea and clouds

Going through the Drake Passage

The Drake Passage is known for having some of the roughest waters on the planet. The explorers feared it and many ships succumbed to the ferocity of the sea. These days ships don’t break up or disappear, but it can still be a tough crossing, even on a large ship with stabilizers.

Having become ill a few days ago from huge waves I was dreading this part of the voyage. Nothing to see and roiling waters.

We got really lucky. The sea been pretty calm, very few waves or whitecaps. We roll side to side a bit, which can make it difficult to walk. But overall, it’s been an easy passage. Of course we still have more than 12 hours to go and things can change quickly.

In preparation for Antarctica, there was a lecture about penguins. I learned more about them than I ever imagined.

Tomorrow morning we will get our first glimpse of Admiralty Bay.