Antarctic Cruise – Day 7

Antarctica!! Deception Island

We have made it to Antarctica. I woke up this morning at sunrise to see Snow Island glistening in the early sunshine. The ship is now circumnavigating Deception Island in the Shetland Islands.

It could not be a more perfect day weather wise. It is clear, sunny, and calm. Though it is very cold. I spent three hours outside taking in the beauty, then had to come in to warm up.

Deception is a volcanic island that is donut shaped, with a caldera inside the size of Santorini. A caldera is the open space left behind when a volcano erupted. I could see the island was massive, but it really became obvious when a small sailboat was making its way into the caldera. On the sailboat were scientists stationed there.

The island is home to hundreds of thousands of chin strap penguins. I could see them through binoculars, but couldn’t get any good photos.