Antarctic Cruise — Day 8

Admiralty Bay

This morning Deception Island was spectacular. This afternoon cruising through Admiralty Bay almost made that scenery look pallid in comparison.

Imagine being able to look in any direction and see towering glaciers. Emerging from the ice (and it is hundreds of feet of dense ice you’re seeing in these photos, NOT snow) are pillars of volcanic stone. Bobbing along in the water are small icebergs. At one point there was a circle of small icebergs, the result if a major calving event (where a large chunk of ice broke off) one year ago.

The sky was intense blue and the air as pure as I’ve ever experienced. I could have been happy just watching the changing cloud patterns.

Because the conditions are perfect we can see for miles. At one point the geologist noted that what looked to be relatively close was ten miles away.

We saw a couple of research stations. This is an area that has five of them.

The only disappointment is that we only see penguins and other fauna in the far distance. There are hundreds of thousands of them but even with binoculars they look like specks. Guess I need better binoculars.