Malcolm Teasdale, Host of The Travel Addict Podcast

As a fellow Travel Addict, I love to read stories about adventure travel, and Wanderlust didn’t disappoint.Karen ventures to places where most humans would never consider. Just read about her camping escapades in Tanzania to admire her bravery, tolerance and quest to push the envelope of a quirky travel experience, including the consumption of scary looking food.That is one of … Read More

Marc Nieson, author of Schoolhouse: Lessons on Love & Landscape

In Wanderlust, Karen Gershowitz once again transports us across the globe, and this time her whirlwind digest includes, well, digestion! From sipping lulada in Colombia to nibbling ugali in Tanzania, her tongue remains intrepid, her curiosity unquenchable, her storytelling delectable. “All artists are driven by a need to try something new, push the medium a bit further,” she writes, and … Read More

Jessie Voigts, PhD, Publisher Wandering Educators

With an eye for the unique and a penchant for trying everything, Gershowitz is the best kind of traveler. A master of sharing the essence of place, she makes us laugh, nod our heads, want to try new things. She inspires us to travel and learn about the world.

Charles Salzberg, award-winning author of the Henry Swann series and Second Story Man

For someone who’s been stubbornly holding out for teleportation before undertaking any extensive travel (that would be me), Wanderlust is a Godsend. Karen Gershowitz offers what amounts to a virtual reality tour, including the smells, tastes, and personalities she’s experienced on her many trips to the plethora of countries and cities she’s visited over the years. Great book for the … Read More

Rudy Maxa, travel journalist & broadcaster

You’ve heard of going around the world in 80 days? You can do that in less time with Karen Gershowitz’s new book, Wanderlust: Extraordinary People, Quirky Places. and Curious Cuisine. From Marrakesh to Malaysia to Montana, Gershowitz mines her memories, notebooks, and photos to take you places you’ll want to visit and introduce you to food you may or may … Read More

Kirkus Reviews

The book reflects the author’s love of globe-trotting adventure and describes how she built her whole life around it by getting a job in which she effectively got paid to travel. Her recollections take readers to many places around the world, from Southeast Asia to the Galápagos Islands to the American West, as she trekked for business and pleasure. These … Read More

Tim Bascom, author of Chameleon Days and Running to the Fire

Karen Gershowitz is to be applauded for her sheer verve, which is on delightful display in this rollicking travelogue: Travel Mania.  From the beginning one senses that Gershowitz is experiencing a kind of undeniable, enthralling need—the near-manic need to go somewhere else then somewhere else again.  We—as safer, armchair travelers—get the unexpected benefits of that addiction, learning so much more than … Read More