Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires

We disembarked the ship this morning. With no fuss, we grabbed a taxi and went to our hotel. Amazingly, at 9 am, they had a room ready for us.

After settling in a bit, we grabbed another taxi (which are inexpensive) and went to the San Telmo neighborhood.

On Sundays, there is an open-air market that extends from Plaza Dorrego in several directions. There are crafts and antiques, food vendors, and street performers. The crowds are huge.

We wandered, shopped, and stopped numerous times for a coffee and to people watch. There is at least one dulce de leche (a sweet made from condensed milk that is Argentina’s answer to caramel) shop on every block.

By mid-afternoon, we were tired and needed a break. I had fond memories of El Gran Cafe Tortoni, a restaurant and tango venue established in 1858. There was a long line waiting to get in. Fortunately, it moved quickly.

When I went there about 20 years ago, it was very proper, and most of the clientele were Argentinian and well dressed. Now, it is flooded with tourists, many of them Asian. It’s still a beautiful venue with great atmosphere and service.

This evening we are going to a tango show.