Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania


I am a lover of gardens. There is no such thing as too many tulips, orchids, roses, trees, or bushes. Each garden is unique in the way it is laid out, the design of the plantings, water elements, structures, rocks and so much more. Despite visiting numerous gardens while on this road trip, my final stop had to be at Longwood Gardens—it is one of the best.  I hadn’t been there in many years but remembered it with great fondness.

The weather was perfect. I spent hours wandering through the grounds and greenhouse. By the end of my visit, I’d walked four miles.

The greenhouse and surrounding areas are being enlarged and reimagined—a change to 17 acres of the property. The new section will open in fall 2024. That meant that a few areas were closed off (like the topiary garden) and the fountains were not yet operating. Didn’t make an iota of difference to the majesty of the experience.

By the time I left I was tired but decided to visit one other local attraction (there are many), the Brandywine River Art Museum which features the work of the Wyeth Family.  What an astounding talent they had / have. Again, I’d been there many years ago and remembered it well, including its lovely grounds.  The grounds this time were in a bit of disarray, Hurricane Ida had flooded the river and done a lot of destruction. Fortunately, the galleries were untouched and the paintings unharmed.

Next trip to this area (which I hope will be soon) will include a return to Longwood Gardens as well as a visit to the Winterthur Museum and Gardens and the Nemours Estate.  There’s a lot to do in this area.