Christine Lehner, author of What to Wear to See the Pope and Absent a Miracle

Fasten your seatbelts, readers, and prepare to be swept around the world, in the capable and enthusiastic company of KG. As if she didn’t travel enough for work, Karen’s wanderlust kept her itchy feet moving. Go along with her, and you will climb Mt Kilimanjaro, “poli-poli”, eat the famous-for-its-revolting-smell durian in Malaysia, trek through a scirocco in the Sahara, eat delicious food almost everywhere, watch bribes being passed on Moscow sidewalks, ride a felucca on the Nile, spend New Year’s Eve in Saigon, go to the top of the world, and closer to home, visit Cuba. Wherever she goes, Karen is an astute observer and willing experimenter. You are in for a treat.