Italy Day 6 – Travel to Cefalu, Sicily

Taxi to train station, scurry to buy tickets and find seats while toting luggage, make our way through Malpensa Airport which required taking a bus to the plane, finally climbing the stairs (with luggage) onto our flight and departing Milan.

This was the first gray morning we had, so perfect for relocating to a sunnier location. I was hoping to take photos of Milan from the air, but within a minute of takeoff we were shrouded in clouds.

Car rental took a while. We now have a shiny, automatic LYNK (a Chinese manufacturer, their cars aren’t for sale in the US).  The autostrata was uncrowded and the drive just over an hour. The road hugs the water, snaking around and tunneling through the mountains. It was a gorgeous drive.

Kathy has a timeshare with a wonderful European holiday accommodations company, Hapimag. We are staying at their resort in Cefalu. Our villa is perfect—with a wrap-around terrace above the tree line that affords gorgeous views.

After arrival we settled in a bit then went for dinner, admiring the landscaping and scenery. Because we were among the first to arrive, we snagged a table that looked over the pool and sunset. Dinner included a shared plate of Sicilian appetizers that were scrumptious, including rice balls, caponata, bread with three different toppings, olives, a pickled salad and more. That was followed by sesame encrusted tuna on a bed of grilled vegetables. All accompanied by a white wine suggested by the chef—we finished the bottle. Dessert was a cannolo—best I’ve ever eaten.