Loveland, Colorado – Sculpture in the Park

I didn’t come to Colorado specifically to see this sculpture show (family and friends first), but the timing wasn’t an accident. When I’d visited here before and we’d walked through the Benson Sculpture Park in Loveland, my friend Judi told me about the show and said I must see it.  

One hundred and fifty sculptors exhibit their work in a series of tents and outdoors in the park.  The juried show attracts artists from all over the country. They work in a wide variety of mediums—bronze and other metals, wood, glass, resin, and more. The pieces ranged in size from miniature to towering and the range of styles was vast. There was something for every taste.  The one thing they all had in common was excellent craftsmanship.  I was intrigued by the pieces that mixed mediums—resin and ceramics, wood and metal, glass, and stone.  One artist used melted plastic spoons.

The artists were friendly and eager to talk about their work. Judi and I learned a lot about techniques, inspirations, and their personal artistic journey. 

I was glad to see their work was selling well. And particularly happy to see a huge, endearing sculpture of a mouse was bound for a children’s hospital.

My favorite pieces, not surprisingly, were the whimsical sculptures.