Norfolk, Virginia

Mermaid Sculpture

While in Baltimore we had two iconic meals.  At the Crafty Crab Sue had blue crabs and I had crawfish (I’m allergic to crabs).  This morning we had a fabulous breakfast at Miss Shirley’s Café.  When we arrived there was no line, but by the time we were leaving there was a LONG line.  We understood why.

Today should have been a relatively short drive, but traffic was horrible. It took forever to get through DC and even south of the city.  Mid-way we stopped for a walk in Fredericksburg, VA.  It’s a lovely old town, full of history and a slew of antique stores, restaurants, and shops.

Back on the road to Norfolk.  As we passed the bay the number of shipping containers was staggering. No picture, but it absolutely astounded me.

We drove to a park on the waterfront. It’s an area with a lot to offer—naval ships to explore, museums, water tours of the harbor.  It was a little too late to do any of that, but the walk along the bay was lovely. 

Dinner was barbeque at a local place, delish!