Seneca Falls, NY

Most people know Seneca Falls as a central location of the women’s rights movement. It is certainly that, but also so much more.

But let’s start at the beginning. We started this morning at Connie’s, a timeless diner. Apart from having the right décor and great food, the prices were also retro. In New York City you can barely get a cup of coffee for $2,49. For that amount at Connie’s you get two eggs, toast, and home fries.

Seneca Falls is just down the road. It’s a thriving town and has been since the early 1800s. We visited a slew of sites related to the women’s right movement. At Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s home (now part of the National Park Service) a ranger gave us a history lesson on Cady Stanton and her role in the women’s movement. I never knew that she had written nearly all of Susan B. Anthony’s speeches.

The town is also known as a center for innovation and industry—fire engines, pumps, TV components for Sylvania (remember them?) and more. The Seneca Falls visitor center offers a wonderful insight into the history.

Part of the Erie Canal system, including a set of locks, passes through the center of town. It’s a lovely area and I learned that you can rent a boat and meander through the canal for a week. May just have to do that!

After all the history, it was time for R&R, which in this area means visiting vineyards. We stopped at a few, but this time I sampled hard cider. Yum.

The day ended with a picture-perfect reflected sunset over Seneca Lake.