Balinese Food Market

I joined a tour of the local market.  Usually, I observe but don’t know what I’m looking at. This time I could find out. “What is that gelatinous, green goop?” I asked. “An herbal drink meant to make you strong. It’s got great medicinal properties.  Pregnant women drink a cupful every morning during their last trimester to ensure an easy … Read More

Food Hall, Seoul South Korea

Food Hall

The food hall at the Shinsegae Department store had Asian foods (both ingredients and prepared) from across the continent.  They also had a wide variety of European and American foods.   There were pastries that could have been on the Champs Elysees, California wines, pasta, Belgian chocolates, tacos, tortilla shells, olive oil, German sausage, and they even had bagels.  In London, … Read More