Why I Travel (Part 5)

I travel because it reminds me that no matter how savvy and smart I think I am, there’s always more to learn. There are people across the globe with very great talent and skills. They’ve had different life experiences, so think and do things in ways that have never even occurred to me.

I’ve watched women carry enormous baskets on their heads and walk with grace and speed.

In Vietnam four people and their luggage speeding along on a bicycle is a common sight.

At lightning speed, almost too fast to watch, chefs chop potatoes and carrots into perfectly cubed pieces and sculpt flowers from veggies, without the aid of a cutting board. I’ve seen street vendors cook delicious meals with the most rudimentary tools—who needs a Cuisinart?

I’ve met people who speak five, six or more languages fluently and are able to switch languages mid-sentence.

Travel helps to keep me humble.