Detroit Angels

In 2005 my friend Maggie took me to see the Delray neighborhood of Detroit. Maggie, a native Detroiter, told me that it had once been a vibrant neighborhood, but had fallen into decay. A local artist, Carl Kamulski, decided to help by decorating the neighborhood with angels. He cut 114 of them from plywood and people pitched in to paint … Read More

Thai Puppets

The intricate, life-sized puppets moved so realistically that within minutes I’d stopped noticing the puppeteer.  Performed in Thai, I didn’t know what was said, but between program notes (in English) and their actions a clear story unfolded. I’m enamored with puppets and have sought them out around the globe. In Bangkok, at the Joe Lewis theater, there are nightly shows. … Read More

Torres del Paine National Park

The dramatic skies changed minute by minute, dark clouds scudding across the sky creating constantly changing patchworks of sun, clouds and swirling mist as a backdrop to dramatic mountains. The strong winds propel tall grasses into an endless stream of waves moving towards some distant shore. The roar of the water from a startling blue waterfall, powerful from springtime glacial … Read More

Plitvicka Lakes National Park

After one day in Zagreb recuperating from jetlag, I departed heading towards Split. Along the route is must-see Plitvicka Lakes National Park. Unfortunately, I was traveling in August, height of the tourist season. The park was gorgeous but so crowded that in some narrow sections of the trail it resembled NYC subways at the height at rush hour (during normal, … Read More


One year ago, I was in Curaçao enjoying warmth, sun and fabulous street art. I anticipated the perfect weather, had seen photos of the colorful buildings lining the harbor of Willemstad, had even read about the floating pedestrian bridge that opens to allow boats to pass through. What came as a surprise was the quantity and quality of art throughout … Read More

Burma / Myanmar

When I hear the news about the military takeover in Burma it breaks my heart.  I visited the country in 2012 as the political situation was beginning to improve. Aung San Suu Kyi had recently been released from house arrest and everywhere I traveled people wore buttons supporting her. While there I witnessed many of the problems that emerge from … Read More

St. Martin

Every winter, except this one, I escape to some warm location for a week of soaking up restorative sunshine. Often this travel coincides with Mardi Gras and I’m treated to more than beaches. Sometimes I’m aware that there will be parades and other festivities. At other times, such as when I traveled to St. Martin, I stumble upon local celebrations. … Read More

ARCs — Advance Reader Copies

The Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of my book, Travel Mania: Stories of Wanderlust, have arrived.  It is a thrill to finally hold a bound book in my hands after so many years in the making. Thanks to the many people who have helped make this a reality. It won’t be available for purchase until July 13th, but I’m sure that … Read More

Walking Beside the Camels on a Camel Trek

An excerpt from my upcoming travel memoir, Travel Mania: Stories of Wanderlust On the first morning of the camel trek, I walked at the front of two parallel lines of camels. A gentle Moroccan camel tender led each line, singing and chanting, as our group of eight headed into a sea of sand. The soothing rhythm of the camel tenders’ voices … Read More

Yaks at the Roof of the World

An excerpt from my upcoming travel memoir “Travel Mania:” “As our plane passed over, I got my first glimpse of the Himalayas. At first they didn’t look much different from the Rockies—snow-covered peaks with deep valleys and the occasional river gorge. Then the mountains sharpened. The peaks became jagged, knife blades slicing the sky, a series of lethal weapons, tightly … Read More