Italy day 3 – Milan

Milan has dozens of tantalizing museums—nearly all are closed on Monday. Instead, we returned to the Duomo. As impressive as the cathedral is from a distance, the exterior is even more remarkable close-up. The walls are embellished with an endless number of magnificent marble sculptures. Passing through the gigantic bronze entrance doors, the size of the cathedral is the first … Read More

Italy day 2 – Milan

As Kathy, her friend Gabriella and her son Cyril and I  walked from the trolley towards the Duomo we each uttered a series of WOWs. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is without question the most glamorous shopping area I’ve ever experienced. I wouldn’t even consider buying anything there, but the glamour of the domed ceiling, long arcades, tiled floors, and elegant … Read More

Italy – Day One – Milan

I’m in Italy with my friend Kathy for the next two weeks. The first day after a long flight always feels disorienting, especially when you arrive early morning. It was a long ride from the airport into the city, but I can’t tell you much about what we passed, it all seemed a blur. After dropping off our luggage in … Read More

Noto, Sicily 2003

Another small segment from the chapter about Sicily I’m writing for my next book. As we wandered through Noto, we noticed groups of people walking towards a wooded area and followed see what was happening.  Through a high arch, along a path, canopied by enormous trees, was the start of a religious procession for Holy Friday, recreating the stations of the … Read More

Agrigento, Sicily Italy 2003

Temple at Agrigento

An excerpt from the new book I’m writing. Driving on Sicily would be a challenge according to the guidebook. It reported that in some towns, if you make a wrong turn, you’re likely to face a flight of stairs that you must drive up or down. The encouraging phrase, “be brave, you can do it and besides you don’t have … Read More