Disembarkation and on to Paris

Today was disembarkation day, our final morning on the Saone River. I spent as much time as possible outside before heading to the train station. The ride to Paris had a couple of minor glitches—to get to the track required a long flight of steps down and another up. That wouldn’t normally be a problem, but with luggage it wasn’t easy.  On the plus side, the underground corridor was covered by street art.  In Dijon there was a transfer to the Paris train.  That one, an express, was modern and comfortable except that the luggage bins were full.  I sat with my suitcase squeezed up against me.

In Paris the queue for a taxi was very long. Once in it, we drove through neighborhoods I’d never seen before. We’re on the left bank. Then I saw a landmark—Au Bon Marche, the large department store. My hotel is close by to it on a quiet side street.  One block over is a lively shopping street filled with cafes, patisseries, and what seemed like dozens of chocolate shops. Stopped for some lunch in a brasserie, sitting outside watching the world pass by.  A very Parisian experience.

Then I walked over to Bon Marche to buy some gifts. Instead, I found myself in their food hall. Didn’t buy anything, but loved the displays, scents and simply watching shoppers.