Disembarkation and on to Paris

Today was disembarkation day, our final morning on the Saone River. I spent as much time as possible outside before heading to the train station. The ride to Paris had a couple of minor glitches—to get to the track required a long flight of steps down and another up. That wouldn’t normally be a problem, but with luggage it wasn’t … Read More

Tournus and the Saone River, France

Quiet French Street in Tournus

Today was a lazy, relaxed day—a break from touring and endless walking. In the morning I headed off the boat to wander around town by myself. Curving back streets, with ancient doors and shutters, charmed me—they’re such a far cry from New York City.  Little details caught my attention—doorknockers and handles, signs, rooflines, and windows. Huge rose bushes bloomed, their … Read More

Macon, France

Vineyard in front of Limestone outcropping

Macon is a city on the Saone River. It’s also a wine growing region known for white wine, especially chardonnay. Today I got to explore both. In the morning I ditched the tour and walked around Macon on my own. Most things were closed, but that gave me an opportunity to wander down small back streets, look closely at architectural … Read More