New Hampshire Coastline

New Hampshire has a very short shoreline on the Atlantic, a mere eighteen miles. Yesterday I explored most of it, going from pristine to honky-tonk. Most of the day was spent in Portsmouth, a town I’m astonished I’ve never been to before.  It is utterly charming.  Yes, it is a tourist town, but with good reason. It’s got a lovely … Read More

Southern Vermont

Yesterday I traveled north from Massachusetts into Vermont.  First stop was Bennington, a town I’ve been through numerous times.  I stopped off to see the wildflower and sculpture garden at the Bennington Museum and visit the farmers’ market. What I didn’t spend time at was with Grandma Moses or any other exhibit inside the museum. Hurricane Henri is heading in … Read More

Untermyer Garden Conservancy, Yonkers, NY

I’d only been to the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy – which is about 15 miles north of New York, in Yonkers – once before. That was years ago for an outdoor concert. While lovely, the garden hadn’t been well maintained and so I forgot about it, with so many other beautiful options to choose from. Recently I saw photos and read … Read More