Tulips — The Skagit Valley Washington State

Field of tulips with mountains as backdrop

I had been scheduled to travel to Amsterdam April of 2020 to see the tulip festival.  The festival is globally renowned, especially Keukenhof Gardens. Covid cancelled those plans. Last fall I learned about a tulip festival in the Skagit Valley, north of Seattle.  That would be easier and safer, so I wrangled my friend Judy into going with me. The … Read More

Wilmington, North Carolina

Live Oak with Spanish moss

Wilmington, NC is definitely not to be confused with Wilmington, Delaware.  The Delaware city is home to many large banks and during my many business trips there was all about business. The North Carolina Wilmington is brimming with southern charm and operates at a leisurely pace. The first stop this morning was to the Airlie Gardens. It was closed throughout … Read More

New Hampshire Coastline

New Hampshire has a very short shoreline on the Atlantic, a mere eighteen miles. Yesterday I explored most of it, going from pristine to honky-tonk. Most of the day was spent in Portsmouth, a town I’m astonished I’ve never been to before.  It is utterly charming.  Yes, it is a tourist town, but with good reason. It’s got a lovely … Read More

Southern Vermont

Yesterday I traveled north from Massachusetts into Vermont.  First stop was Bennington, a town I’ve been through numerous times.  I stopped off to see the wildflower and sculpture garden at the Bennington Museum and visit the farmers’ market. What I didn’t spend time at was with Grandma Moses or any other exhibit inside the museum. Hurricane Henri is heading in … Read More

Untermyer Garden Conservancy, Yonkers, NY

I’d only been to the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy – which is about 15 miles north of New York, in Yonkers – once before. That was years ago for an outdoor concert. While lovely, the garden hadn’t been well maintained and so I forgot about it, with so many other beautiful options to choose from. Recently I saw photos and read … Read More