New England Coastal Road Trip – Day Eight

We are now traveling south, heading back to New York City. Our day was spent in Salem, Massachusetts, the stop we aborted last Saturday due to the traffic, crowds, and general mayhem. Today, a Tuesday, was significantly calmer, though the city was still filled with people. I suspect that ANY day in October will be that way, culminating on Halloween.  … Read More

New England Coastline Road Trip – Day Six

View from Newburyport walkway

As we headed to Portsmouth NH, I pulled off the highway to get gas.  Needing gas changed the entire day.  I’d pulled off in Newburyport MA. Seeing a sign for the historic downtown, we decided to head into town and look.  We spent the entire day in town.  Circling the harbor and then extending for miles is a walking path. … Read More

West Stockbridge, MA

Yesterday was the first day of a one-week road trip.  I’m heading up to Southern Vermont and New Hampshire. I decided to take it slowly, less driving, more sightseeing. But as usual plans and reality didn’t quite mesh.  What should have been about a 2-1/2-hour drive took a whole lot longer, thanks to two massive traffic jams involving serious accidents. … Read More