Fantasy Destinations

Yesterday the subject line on an email from Conde Nast Traveler read “Fantasy Destinations.” It intrigued me and I clicked to see where they had chosen. I’d been to many of the locations selected, from India to Italy, Spain, Morocco, Russia and Cambodia. That leaves many to still explore.  But I was surprised by some omissions. I would have included … Read More

Sonoran Desert

Tucson – 2001 Excerpt from my journal while on my epic road trip twenty years ago. Yesterday as I was planning the next couple of weeks of travel I was debating between a couple of choices; despite the heat I chose heading south to the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, the Chiricahuas, and southwest New Mexico before heading to Albuquerque. These … Read More

Excerpt from the new travel book I’m writing

Patagonia – Chile: 2009 The highlight of the cruise was a four-hour journey in a small ice cutter through the iceberg-strewn waters of a fjord.  Because there were so few passengers, we all managed to squeeze onto the small ship.  The bow was narrow and sharply pointed and looked quite battered. Unlike most ships, ice cutters have reinforced hulls and … Read More

Springfield Massachusetts and Hartford Connecticut

I knew that Dr. Seuss grew up in Springfield because years ago I’d been to a small exhibit there about his childhood. When I read that a whole museum is now dedicated to him, I had to see it. Part of a larger complex that includes art, history and natural history museums, the Dr. Seuss exhibition is the most unusual … Read More

Shelburne Falls and Smith College, Massachusetts

As I sped down the highway on my way to Northampton, I saw a small sign indicating an attraction— “Bridge of Flowers.” At the next exit I got off and followed the signs to Shelburne Falls. It was a twelve-mile detour, but when you have no set plans that’s not an issue. When I’d done a google search the night … Read More

New Hampshire Coastline

New Hampshire has a very short shoreline on the Atlantic, a mere eighteen miles. Yesterday I explored most of it, going from pristine to honky-tonk. Most of the day was spent in Portsmouth, a town I’m astonished I’ve never been to before.  It is utterly charming.  Yes, it is a tourist town, but with good reason. It’s got a lovely … Read More

Canterbury, New Hampshire

The torrential rains have disappeared, and the weather has rebounded to perfect blue skies and warm temps.  I’ve left Vermont and am spending time in southern New Hampshire. First stop was the Shaker Village at Canterbury. Unlike the Shaker Village in Enfield, this one was open, and in a lot better shape. Over the years I’ve been to five different … Read More

Hanover, New Hampshire

Over the years I’ve visited countless college campuses in the United States and abroad. For one memorable assignment, a client had me interviewing graduate students at some of the best European Universities—The Sorbonne, Oxford, Cambridge and more. But I’d never seen Dartmouth. Only about twenty minutes from where I was staying, I was hoping to walk around before the predicted … Read More

Southern Vermont

Yesterday I traveled north from Massachusetts into Vermont.  First stop was Bennington, a town I’ve been through numerous times.  I stopped off to see the wildflower and sculpture garden at the Bennington Museum and visit the farmers’ market. What I didn’t spend time at was with Grandma Moses or any other exhibit inside the museum. Hurricane Henri is heading in … Read More

West Stockbridge, MA

Yesterday was the first day of a one-week road trip.  I’m heading up to Southern Vermont and New Hampshire. I decided to take it slowly, less driving, more sightseeing. But as usual plans and reality didn’t quite mesh.  What should have been about a 2-1/2-hour drive took a whole lot longer, thanks to two massive traffic jams involving serious accidents. … Read More