Norfolk, Virginia (day 2)

Street Art

Today was a long but very satisfying day. I’d read that Norfolk has an arts district, “NEON,” and that it had a lot of murals and street art. That I could not miss. It surpassed my expectations—it covers a large area, with artwork by lots of different people and in many different styles.  I’d walk and think I’d reached the … Read More

Norfolk, Virginia

Mermaid Sculpture

While in Baltimore we had two iconic meals.  At the Crafty Crab Sue had blue crabs and I had crawfish (I’m allergic to crabs).  This morning we had a fabulous breakfast at Miss Shirley’s Café.  When we arrived there was no line, but by the time we were leaving there was a LONG line.  We understood why. Today should have … Read More

American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland

Today was the first day of a road trip heading south.  Baltimore is a city with many charms. But for me the place I must visit every trip here is the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM). The museum exhibits the work of largely unknown, untrained artists.  This is the art I collect, so to have gallery after gallery of whimsical, … Read More

Stained Glass

When I think of fine crafts and the arts, stained glass isn’t top of mind. Perhaps that’s because it is usually associated with religious themes and houses of worship.   Still, the best examples are exquisite. Sainte Chapelle cathedral in Paris took my breath away. Being there was like standing in a kaleidoscope surrounded by swirling colors. With blue tiles … Read More

Weaving in Peru — 2006

Weaver in Chinchero

As it is for many travelers, Machu Picchu was the highlight of my trip to Peru. But while there I had many memorable experiences and saw phenomenal sights. Throughout the country, I often stopped to see weavers. That included every step in the process. I met alpaca and vicuna from where the wool is sourced, watched the wool being dyed … Read More

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2003

Jazz Festival Poster

My friend Kim had use of an apartment in New Orleans’ French Quarter and invited me to attend the Jazz Festival with her. Off I went, anticipating great music, fabulous food, enthusiastic crowds, and heat. Correct on all counts. What I hadn’t imagined were the cooking demonstrations, local crafts (think voodoo), and other activities. The festival was so expansive it … Read More

Curaçao, 2020

Street Art Willemstad

In February 2020, just before the start of the pandemic I was in Curaçao enjoying warmth, sun and fabulous street art. I anticipated the perfect weather, had seen photos of the colorful buildings lining the harbor of Willemstad, had even read about the floating pedestrian bridge that opens to allow boats to pass through. What came as a surprise was … Read More

Balinese Food Market

I joined a tour of the local market.  Usually, I observe but don’t know what I’m looking at. This time I could find out. “What is that gelatinous, green goop?” I asked. “An herbal drink meant to make you strong. It’s got great medicinal properties.  Pregnant women drink a cupful every morning during their last trimester to ensure an easy … Read More

Into the Jungle: Borneo, Malaysia 1992

An excerpt from the new book I’m writing. Leaving the city, we entered into an intense green world. Getting out of the car my glasses fogged. After cleaning them I peered and peered but couldn’t see a break in the dense jungle. “Where are we walking?” I asked. Yi Ling pulled out a short machete with a lethal looking blade. … Read More

Noto, Sicily 2003

Another small segment from the chapter about Sicily I’m writing for my next book. As we wandered through Noto, we noticed groups of people walking towards a wooded area and followed see what was happening.  Through a high arch, along a path, canopied by enormous trees, was the start of a religious procession for Holy Friday, recreating the stations of the … Read More