Italy Day 8 – Cefalu, Sicily

We were up and out early this morning, largely because we didn’t trust Ditzy, the GPS. We were scheduled for a food and walking tour of Cefalu.  Giving ourselves a lot of time was a good decision because Ditzy misdirected us several times. We finally found a parking lot on our own. Ambra, our guide, is a lovely young local … Read More

Italy Day 6 – Travel to Cefalu, Sicily

Taxi to train station, scurry to buy tickets and find seats while toting luggage, make our way through Malpensa Airport which required taking a bus to the plane, finally climbing the stairs (with luggage) onto our flight and departing Milan. This was the first gray morning we had, so perfect for relocating to a sunnier location. I was hoping to … Read More

Tournus and the Saone River, France

Quiet French Street in Tournus

Today was a lazy, relaxed day—a break from touring and endless walking. In the morning I headed off the boat to wander around town by myself. Curving back streets, with ancient doors and shutters, charmed me—they’re such a far cry from New York City.  Little details caught my attention—doorknockers and handles, signs, rooflines, and windows. Huge rose bushes bloomed, their … Read More

Flamingo Gardens, Davie FL


I visited Flamingo Gardens once before today—I was six years old. The only reason I know this is because there are photos. But that was a long time ago and I didn’t recognize a thing. Besides, much has changed. During one of the shortest days of the year, a time I usually dread, I was reveling in sunshine. Lush green … Read More

New England Coast Road Trip – Day Three

Ship figurehead

Mystic Seaport Museum (Connecticut) has changed in numerous ways since I last visited it.  And from my perspective, most changes have been positive. My only real issue was their map and signage, which need a lot of help. Hugging the Mystic River, the seaport is both a recreation of a whaling village from the 1800s and a working ship restoration … Read More

Thorncrown Chapel, Eureka Springs Arkansas

Chapel in woods

If you have no other reason to visit Eureka Springs (Arkansas) you should go to see Thorncrown Chapel.  E. Fay Jones, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, designed it. The small mountainside chapel has received many prestigious architecture awards, including being named one of the top ten American buildings of the twentieth century by the AIA. It’s easy to understand … Read More

Fantasy Destinations

Yesterday the subject line on an email from Conde Nast Traveler read “Fantasy Destinations.” It intrigued me and I clicked to see where they had chosen. I’d been to many of the locations selected, from India to Italy, Spain, Morocco, Russia and Cambodia. That leaves many to still explore.  But I was surprised by some omissions. I would have included … Read More

Southern Vermont

Yesterday I traveled north from Massachusetts into Vermont.  First stop was Bennington, a town I’ve been through numerous times.  I stopped off to see the wildflower and sculpture garden at the Bennington Museum and visit the farmers’ market. What I didn’t spend time at was with Grandma Moses or any other exhibit inside the museum. Hurricane Henri is heading in … Read More